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Žanetka K. Gawronski

I am interested in what is often overlooked, yet with a second glance is revealed to be precious. There are moments in a day that quietly slip by without notice, the time in-between memories. These quiet, in-between moments are filled with possibility and are large enough to contain the imagination. I hope to evoke a sense of quiet reflection in the viewer, perhaps tickling past moments they may have forgotten.

My family and I immigrated to the United States from Slovakia when I was very young; this dramatic change influenced my perception of the world and led me to pursue a life dedicated to the arts. I have been painting, sculpting and printmaking for more than twenty-five years and received my formal training from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia. My involvement in the arts has spanned a broad spectrum: theatrical set designs, children’s museum exhibit designs, book cover illustrations, murals, fabrication team for Nickelodeon Network “Blues Clues”, “T.V. Land” and the “Big Help Mobile”. When I'm not in my studio, I can be found engaged in the classroom as a fine art instructor, in both private lessons and at the college level.

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