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2024 The creative spirit continues to flourish at CORE gallery!


Join us in the gallery during regular business hours: Wednesday - Saturday  12 - 6


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Group Exhibition

Celebrate with us during the month of January as we showcase our CORE 2024 gallery artists in our annual group exhibition! Enjoy the creative spirit as we present another year of colors, textures, stories, and ideas within which to find inspiration. It's going to be another great year!


Holding Onto All The Memories.jpg


Cindy Small

I give myself much more freedom to go down a rabbit hole when I draw. Maybe it’s because of the less “precious” materials? Maybe it’s because of the immediacy of the technique? Maybe it’s because I do not judge what the ideas are, or where they come from, or what they look like?

I think yes. That must be it. All of that.

The Odd (as well as the Odd Observation) have been mentally and physically pushed around through my daily sketchbook practice since 2009. Collage drawings of the “monster voyager” and vintage photo alterations of “navigators” were first created at Icelandic and Hungarian artist residencies. Both series continue on today in some form or fashion.

Overall, this exhibit is the struggle/love affair/noncompliance/and adaptability of ideas, drawing techniques, and sometimes far-reaching media coalescing, at any given moment, in my “Uncanny World”. 

April extended through May

anonymous 2024


Ann-Marie Stillion

Anonymous Sorrow on war, censorship and humanity

When the war began Oct. 7 in Israel I was a few days into creating the work for my exhibit at CORE Gallery April 3-27. 


I began in early October with hearty support for Israel which soon turned cold as the death of civilians, mostly women and children mounted. The racism reflected in the media was deafening. By my count the dead could number 40,000 by the time my work went on the walls in six months. Also, weeks into the war everywhere artists and cultural institutions were being silenced, censored for their outrage and critiques. Both the famous and the unknown suddenly lost exhibit opportunities and jobs or found themselves doxxed or worse. 


I still had another body of work in mind then but decided I could not be silent. Even if things got better by April my work could be a record of a terrible moment, I thought. Nothing got better and now ethnic cleansing and genocide of Palestinians is before us.  


I have worked diligently to manifest a collection I call hybrid poetics which combine the impression of inked wooden type of the historic letterpress layered over archival prints of digital photography - most in this exhibit is textual. Also, two beautiful large dye sublimation silks express the concept of ceasefire and liberation for all in the visual photographic language I have established the past few years. A compiled collection designed in collaboration with Editions Studio in Georgetown is also available. 


In solidarity with Palestinians and Israelis fighting for a just future, I hope you will show your support by showing up and use my work as a jumping off to end the silence which has been lingering 75 years on. 


Besides the opening on April 4 for Pioneer Square art walk at 6 pm, I will do an artist talk on Sunday, April 7 at noon which will be in the gallery and live streamed for art enthusiasts around the world. Seats are limited. Follow me on instagram for free tickets to the artist talk at @annmariestillion. 


Artist’s profits will be donated to humanitarian efforts in Gaza. 

Due to the important and timely nature of this work, this exhibition will be extended through May 25th. 


whispering shadows 2024.jpg


Uyen Tran Gjerde

Creating through chaos and revealing the true intentions of every artist will demand attention from all corners of the world.


waters flow.jpg


Teresa Getty 

Meet the artist Teresa Getty at CORE on March 20th and 22nd for a casual meet and greet during gallery hours.


Through painting, Getty transforms the struggles of caregiving for a medically fragile child into sensitive almost tranquil experiences of wonder. 


From every person I know, whether they are a friend, colleague, or a stranger, one thing holds true. Everyday there is a task to do, something to think about, some decision to be made or just a habit that defines them. Sometimes it is a tangle of obstacles, sometimes it is a desire to break free, sometimes it’s just an itch of yearning. However it may appear in their lives, or our lives, it is one thing that unites us all. We all have something going on that challenges us, that whirls our psyches’. My abstract paintings embrace that challenge of our lives hopefully playfully, but always with the curiosity.  


While I work on each piece, I confront my own “every day there is” directly and then I open it up to play with the memories that arise, often I laugh and push and play with them, often that moment becomes buried as the paintings continue until their open end.  


Christine Medium.jpg

Character Development 

Kate Harkins

These are portraits from life or invented people. Once created, the characters seek to speak for themselves and participate in the conversation we are having now, about the life and world we navigate and work to reinvent.  

My mode of painting is to paint myself into a corner, creating imbalance, making and breaking images to find where the true flux begins. I grab any and all materials to create paintings that convey my passion about the subject. The more I play with a wide range of materials, like fabric, drawing, nail polish, and spray paint, the more the characters have room to enter and express themselves.


Urban tangerine dreamscape.JPG

Special Event: 

February 18th, 2-4pm

Meet the artist Lynne Conrad Marvet for an artist's talk and reception, followed by a question & answer session!


Lynne Conrad Marvet

Gobsmacked -- a feeling of being stopped in my tracks by the perceptual vividness of a fleeting moment.   


There is much to be said for sensory experience as a way to feel our personal interconnectedness in a vivid and unmediated way. – Ogyen Trinley Dorje, Interconnected: Embracing Life in Our Global Society  


When photographing, I am drawn to images that are impermanent, momentary, due to changing shadows, light and circumstances of the atmosphere and environment.  


With my abstract mixed media art, I allow my chosen materials (paper, photo fragments, string, recycled materials of all sorts, found objects) to inspire my compositions. I work intuitively, often over several days or weeks while I continue to “listen” to what the images are conveying to me. 


In Buddhist philosophy, there are no permanent, independently arisen objects. Everything we experience, especially our bodies, emotions, thoughts, and minds, are not real, lasting, or independent. All things are dependently arisen and interconnected. Ephemeral images attract me because they remind me that everything is transitory.  


As our senses open, our heart is moved. This direct experience evokes affection and closeness, and that leads naturally to wanting to nurture and protect our planet.               -- Ogyen Trinley Dorje 


I hope my art moves you. 




Paige Pettibon

HOMESICK stands as a bittersweet visual expression, capturing the poignant essence of missing one’s homeland, echoing the sentiments ingrained in Indigenous American experiences.

Through the canvas of storytelling, I weave threads of cultural heritage and identity, drawing upon the rich tapestry of traditions and wisdom passed down through generations. It is a delicate exploration of holding the memory of the land within, intertwining nostalgia and a bridge that connects the heartache of displacement with the resilience of ancestral roots, inviting viewers to share in the tender dance of memory, culture, and the eternal quest for belonging.

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