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Enjoy these videos showcasing exhibitions during the pandemic, 2022! 


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Moring Light.jpg

Collateral Discoveries             Stuart Kleiger

Collateral Discoveries is about crossing over the last two years and the unexpected discoveries that were made along the way. Discoveries of ourselves, of others, of sorrow, and of isolation. We also began to see again what we forgot, what we took for granted, and were reminded of what was overlooked. I hope you find in these works shared expressions of what we have endured and moments of gratitude we had among such loss. It is my hope this body of work can create community out of experiences previously held in isolation. We all went through something, let us now “common thread” our burdens, and commune in joy. Let us remember what we found as much as what we wish to forget.



EveryBody Lives DownStream T. Simpson.jpg

 DownStream                        Tracy Simpson

Whether we choose to acknowledge it, each of us lives downstream of somebody and each of us lives upstream of somebody. We may not be able to see who all are affecting us from their perches upstream and we may not be able to see who all we are affecting downstream of us, but affecting one another we are. The beloved Buddhist teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh called this interconnectedness “interbeing.” 

The phrase in the namesake piece of this collection, “Everybody lives downstream” is from Robin Wall Kimmerer’s beautiful book, Braiding Sweetgrass.* To provide a bit of context, in this portion of the book she is talking about the lengths she went to in the restoration of the small pond on her land and why it mattered that she did so without resorting to a quick fix through chemicals, noting that “the water connects us all.” I further channeled this idea that water connects us all into a series of stylized water drops portraying some of the most environmentally impactful things we are collectively doing to the water we share. Other pieces in this collection speak to the importance of speaking up, to the idea that losing anyone to violence is unacceptable, and to the notion that keeping gratitude front and center is a powerful antidote* to what ails us.

*The phrases “Everybody Lives Downstream” and “Gratitude is a powerful antidote” from Braiding Sweetgrass are used with permission from Milkweed Editions.


March                                        System Layers            Claire Putney

22_System Pulse #1.jpg

These vibrant, multi-dimensional works layer diagrams and charts from various systems of social, economic, and political power. City maps, electrical power structures, stock market graphs, and military strategy diagrams are all systems that are controlled by few, and impact many.  

This exhibition presents a fantastical, pulsating configuration of these inherently layered and interconnected systems. 


 March                                       Inhabitants              Kate Harkins

When Phillip Stopped By.jpeg

My work is figurative, but rooted very much in the exploration of materials, set in fabric, drawing, nail polish, spray paint and fabric, with play and invention being the engines.


The people in my work are from life or invented characters, and once created, seek to participate in the conversation we are having now, about the life and world we navigate and work to reinvent.  


February                                   shaping perception     Melissa Knowles


a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting: a mental impression

how we see becomes our truth


February                                    Dreamscapes       John Leahy

meeting the shadow (diptych c. 9x25).png

When I paint, I release myself to the process, seeking mental states of flow. I have developed a distinctive visual vocabulary through years of observation and experimentation. Using water-based media to play with texture and layers of color that flow and bifurcate, I create evocative personal dreamscapes. My compositions come from drawing, painting, and monoprinting techniques to explore themes which emerge from my subconscious, memories, and experiences.


January     CORE Group Show  experience the creative vision of the CORE 2022 artists 


Celebrate with CORE as we showcase our 2022 gallery artists in our annual group exhibition! During these unprecedented times, we are grateful the creative spirit is flourishing as we present another year of colors, textures, stories, and ideas within which to take refuge and find inspiration. 

Exhibition on view: January 5-29, 2022

Pioneer Square Art Walk and Artist Reception: January 6th from 6-8pm