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Teresa Getty

everyday there is 

Through painting, Getty transforms the struggles of caregiving for a medically fragile child into sensitive almost tranquil experiences of wonder. 



From every person I know, whether they are a friend, colleague, or a stranger, one thing holds true. Everyday there is a task to do, something to think about, some decision to be made or just a habit that defines them. Sometimes it is a tangle of obstacles, sometimes it is a desire to break free, sometimes it’s just an itch of yearning. However it may appear in their lives, or our lives, it is one thing that unites us all. We all have something going on that challenges us, that whirls our psyches’. My abstract paintings embrace that challenge of our lives hopefully playfully, but always with the curiosity.  


While I work on each piece, I confront my own “every day there is” directly and then I open it up to play with the memories that arise, often I laugh and push and play with them, often that moment becomes buried as the paintings continue until their open end.  

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