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Tara McDermott



I stumbled upon the incredible landscape of the Great Salt Lake almost 10 years ago and have been consumed with returning ever since. In 2021 I finally made it back, going on a road trip to investigate all the back roads and access points I could imagine to truly explore this vast body of water. I was legit obsessed and went back an additional 2 times in 2022 to see the lake and surrounding areas during differing weather conditions. Out of those trips circumnavigating the lake was born this series of images, all revolving around the elements of water and salt.

Human exploitation, overuse, and global warming are having a devastating effect on the lake, and many consider it a time of crisis. It is widely believed that we have reached the tipping point where the lake’s diminishing water levels cannot be reversed. I am thankful I’ve been able to capture such an important and magical place at such a crucial time in history.

All photographs are taken with film, a vintage Hasselblad camera and a plastic Holga toy camera.

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