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Ruthie V.


2012       Masters Course; Painting              Barbara Sternberger, Bellingham Washington

2005      Bachelor of Arts; Painting              Western Washington University, Bellingham Washington

2003      Study Abroad; Italy                         Rome, Venice, Florence, & Tuscany, Western Washington University

2000      Apprentice in Pottery                     Kosuke Kaneshige, son of National Treasure Toyo Kaneshige,  

                                                                       Bizen, Japan

1999       Associates in Arts with Honors   Whatcom Community College, Bellingham Washington


Projects and Experience:

2013-Present   Painting Instructor          Pratt Fine Arts

2003-2013        Paint Consultant             Collaborative work with clients to design paint colors, murals, and

                                                                       specialized finishes for their homes.

2009-2013        Instructor                        Beginning and advanced drawing and painting instructor for adults

                                                                       (Whatcom Museum, SSCC, ArtEast, Dakota Art, Blue Horse Gallery)

2008                  Muralist                          60x10’ exterior mural on the front of the Pickford Theater

                                                                       Mural designed with committee input.

1995-2002        In House Muralist            Muralist for Service Alternatives’ group homes for children with 

                                                                       disabilities. Murals designed with input from residents and staff.

2006-2011        Community Art Facilitator  Organized and facilitated bi-weekly community figure drawing



Solo Exhibitions:

2014       Slow Time                                       Shift Gallery, Seattle Washington

2013       Domestic, the Soul of an Interior   Shift Gallery, Seattle Washington

2010      Work                                                 Smith & Vallee Gallery, Edison Washington

2009      Place                                                 Blue Horse Gallery, Bellingham Washington

2008      Humanity of Land                             Smith & Vallee Gallery, Edison Washington

2007      Local Landscapes                             Frameworks Gallery, Bellingham Washington

2007      Green Power                                     Frameworks Gallery, Bellingham Washington


Group Exhibitions:

2014       Slow Time                                       Smith & Vallee Gallery, Edison Washington

2014       Make Shift                                       Tacoma Art Museum, Tacoma Washington

2013       Bird Festival                                    Smith & Vallee Gallery, Edison Washington

2013       Peak Shift                                       TKArts Building, Seattle Washington

2012       30 Paintings in 30 Days; Portraits  TKArts Building, Seattle Washington                     

2012       untitled                                            Mercer Gallery, Seattle Washington

2011       untitled                                            Katherine Schneider Gallery, Bellingham Washington

2011       Fate of the Forest                           Whatcom Museum, Bellingham Washington

2011       Ruthie V.                                          Shift Collaborative Gallery, Seattle Washington

2011       Size Matters                                    Works On Canvas, Bellingham Washington

2011       Shift; New Members                       Shift Collaborative Gallery, Seattle Washington

2010      The American Landscape                Loomis Hall, Blaine Washington

2010      Daily Painting Project                      Works On Canvas, Bellingham Washington

2010      Four Seasons                                   Blue Horse Gallery, Bellingham Washington

2010      Reaching for the Light                     Blue Horse Gallery, Bellingham Washington

2010      Size Matters                                     Works On Canvas, Bellingham Washington

2009      Ordinary Objects                               Edison Eye Gallery, Edison Washington

2009      Public Hanging                                 Blue Horse Gallery, Bellingham Washington

2006      Tree of the Year                                Lucia Douglas Gallery, Fairhaven Washington

2005      Pacific Arts Market                           Downtown Partnership, Bellingham Washington


Honors & Awards:

Peoples' Choice Winner, Plein Air Paint Out, 2008

Best Local Artist, Cascadia Weekly, 2008

Volunteer of the Year, Kulshan Community Land Trust, 2007


Publications and Art Reviews:

Jen Graves, The Lies of the Artists, The Stranger, September 11, 2013

J.D. Salinger, Loose Lips, The Stranger, August 28, 2013

The Portrait Project, The New Pioneer Square, August 2013

Jen Graves, How to Succeed in Art Without Even Trying, The Stranger, August 21, 2013

Kuntz & Company, video, September 2011

Amy Kepferle, Leave my Shoes by the Door, Cascadia Weekly, September 7, 2011

Osa Hale, Leave my Shoes by the Door, The Western Front, September 23, 2011

Amy Kepferle,  Work; Passion Versus Paycheck, Cascadia Weekly, October 13, 2010

Philip A. Dwyer, Pacific Paint (photo), Bellingham Herald June 8, 2010

Margaret Bikman, Artist Profile: Lisa McShane, Bellingham Herald May 30, 2010

Amy Kepferle, Due Diligence; The Daily Painting Project, Cascadia Weekly May 26, 2010

Allison Arieff, In Land We Trust, Sunset Magazine, February 2010

Amy Kepferle, Snow Globe; Shake, Appreciate, Repeat, Cascadia Weekly Dec. 16, 2009

Trish Harding & Camcord at Large, 4th Annual Downtown Bellingham's Plein Air Paint Out 2009, October 24, 2009

Amy Kepferle, Painting the Town; This is not a Sidewalk Sale, Cascadia Weekly Aug. 25, 2009

Andy Bronson,  Price of Passion  Bellingham Herald Sept. 29, 2008

Kie Relyea, New Pickford Theater Opening (photo), Bellingham Herald Sept. 16, 2008

Amy Kepferle, Art Harvest; On Farms and Farming, Cascadia Weekly Aug. 2007


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