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Michelle Smith-Lewis

My Kingdom 

For centuries artists have interpreted the cycle of life and death through images of fear, war, ecstasy, and tranquility. Whether they were documenting what was happening in their own environment, or dealing with their own mortality, it is the one experience that we all have in common. My Kingdom is a subtle and quiet reminder that I am part of that cycle. Combining my past experiences, my love of photography and gardening I use my camera to document the cycles of growth and decay that appear in my own environment. The Subjects in My Kingdom are photographed in the studio to create a more formal portrait environment to capture the beauty in life and the beauty of what remains when that life ends.  


My Kingdom is an ongoing project using several historic photographic techniques including wet plate collodion and cyanotypes. The next phase for My Kingdom is adding the orotone process to my list of techniques for this project.  You can see the results in my upcoming solo show in September 2024. 

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