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Krista Lutz

Artist Statement

Krista Lutz is a ceramic artist who comes from a long line of tinkerers. She is trained as an architect and construction manager. To her, engineering and improvisation resemble a perfect combination. Krista lives and works in Snohomish. 


Working with clay both soothes and energizes Krista. She thrives on trial and error as much as on the end result - when a completed sculpture tells a story and comes to life. 


Her process involves the repetitive use of molds, derived from custom models, to produce the building blocks of her sculptures. This repetition provides consistent parameters while creating opportunities for her to alter and reinterpret form in the final work - from model to mold to mutation. 


Krista’s current work is inspired by geological forms. She looks beyond form to transform through association with an unfamiliar, yet instinctively recognizable context. Her sculptures intend to be tangible, while allowing the viewer to create their own storyline. 


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