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Drew Dyrdahl

I am interested in using what is cast off by others to make something new. For me, it is my inspiration and my pleasure. I try to look at items through the lens of what they can become rather that what they currently are. It is how I reinvent, revive and survive. I long to create beauty and intrigue out of things that were cast away and destined for the landfill.

I do tend to have a macabre side, but it is tempered with my sense of whimsy. Thus is born my “Little Creepers.” These little monsters are created from recycled children’s clothing, scraps, recycled buttons, salvaged trims, and stuffed with cotton batting made from recycled denim. Their habitats are made from found objects, recycled drawers, bits and pieces and they are cobbled together to create a suitable place for each Creeper to while away the hours.

The Little Creepers are pieced together in my Creepery in Seattle -- deep in the belly of an old shoe factory……created late into the night and brought to life!

I am glad you came to see my Little Creepers. (everything will be fine)

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