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Amber Chiozza

My focus has been on insects and arachnids for the past decade, particularly in conjunction with human fascination and repulsion with them. There are many ways that humans anthropomorphize their behavior, including mythology and naming systems. I often highlight these behaviors, and their importance, in my own work. Their difference in scale, purpose, and form fascinates me, and I create books and prints as a means of studying and sharing this fascination.

I work mainly with printmaking and book arts, and find the tactility of metal and paper to best express my imagery. These both cultivate the use of repetition, and a rich sense of time and narrative. Because both mediums are steeped in the tradition of fine art as well as scientific illustration, I find that I am able to walk the line between the two. Above all, I aim for my work to both educate viewers and rouse curiosity about my chosen subject matter. The world of insects should be examined, and celebrated for its ecological importance to humans, and I strive to push this awareness forward with my work


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