Claire Putney



I come from a world of maps, mountains and cross-country road-trips. My grandfather made maps, my mother followed them, and now they have been passed on to me. It is the space between a map and the landscape it describes that interests me most, where the identifications and connotations of a place are lost.


The Inventor’s Wake is part of an ongoing investigation of knots, their function and their symbolic nature. Knots physically embody strength, unity and security but also represent intensity, struggle and disruption.

This series was inspired by the community of artists at Equinox Studios, in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle. I map each space from observation in a purely responsive way, without heed to measurement tools except to calibrate the GPS location. A “knot” from each space is then documented and layered over the hand-drawn map. These pieces are not representations of the Inventor’s final work, but rather reference the wave of materials and muses left behind in the creative process.




Wednesday – Saturday

12:00 – 6:00 P.M.


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