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Ann-Marie Stillion

Opening April 3rd, due to the important and timely nature of this work, this exhibition will be extended through May 25th. 

Anonymous Sorrow on war, censorship and humanity

When the war began Oct. 7 in Israel I was a few days into creating the work for my exhibit at CORE Gallery April 3-27. 


I began in early October with hearty support for Israel which soon turned cold as the death of civilians, mostly women and children mounted. The racism reflected in the media was deafening. By my count the dead could number 40,000 by the time my work went on the walls in six months. Also, weeks into the war everywhere artists and cultural institutions were being silenced, censored for their outrage and critiques. Both the famous and the unknown suddenly lost exhibit opportunities and jobs or found themselves doxxed or worse. 


I still had another body of work in mind then but decided I could not be silent. Even if things got better by April my work could be a record of a terrible moment, I thought. Nothing got better and now ethnic cleansing and genocide of Palestinians is before us.  


I have worked diligently to manifest a collection I call hybrid poetics which combine the impression of inked wooden type of the historic letterpress layered over archival prints of digital photography - most in this exhibit is textual. Also, two beautiful large dye sublimation silks express the concept of ceasefire and liberation for all in the visual photographic language I have established the past few years. A compiled collection designed in collaboration with Editions Studio in Georgetown is also available. 


In solidarity with Palestinians and Israelis fighting for a just future, I hope you will show your support by showing up and use my work as a jumping off to end the silence which has been lingering 75 years on. 


Besides the opening on April 4 for Pioneer Square art walk at 6 pm, I will do an artist talk on Sunday, April 7 at noon which will be in the gallery and live streamed for art enthusiasts around the world. Seats are limited. Follow me on instagram for free tickets to the artist talk at @annmariestillion. 


Artist’s profits will be donated to humanitarian efforts in Gaza. 

Images from left: Ceasefire," photograph on art silk. "Witness" letterpress, digital archival photograph © 2024 Ann-Marie Stillion / Artists Rights Society, New York

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