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Ann-Marie Stillion

Sweet Love

I like to peer into the darkness with a bright light. I am a photographic artist who enjoys making, not taking photographs. Using digital and film cameras to create, I find beauty in the body and its meanings. I redefine the erotic human experience as it relates to gender definitions and am continually fascinated with the idea that women’s bodies can be found 24/7 from mere objects of beauty to promoting products while the exploration of men's bodies in the erotic space remains limited. Much of my work the past ten years has involved the male nude and made me wonder what we are losing when we don’t embrace the vulnerable male body and allow definitions of gender to expand very easily. I hope my work aids in this expansion. Embracing our humanity at the most basic level - appreciation and delight - and letting the body tell the story is at the center of my vision.



“Sweet Love 2,” editioned photograph © 2023 Ann-Marie Stillion / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

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