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Andrea K. Lawson

My Light Hours: Solstice Series chronicles atmospheric rhythms, seasonal cycles, and luminous patterns. The Light Hours records observations of changing light over time, from dawn to dusk and over changing seasons. Painting from first to last light at each equinox and solstice for several years, I traced changes in sea and sky, from dawn to dusk. I set my brush to a new canvas every hour to express the light, color, gesture and movement of Port Townsend Bay on the Olympic Peninsula. Waking early to nature’s sounds, smells and light, bundled against the sunrise chill - and ending the day in the same way, sunset colors combatting the numbness gripping my fingers.

This meditative series of 8 x 10” paintings will be  exhibited at Core gallery in Seattle in 2023,  as an installation grouped by vernal, autumnal equinox, summer and winter solstices, exploring time, light and change. The multi-panel groupings combine to create single artworks composed of multiple images.  As they are created on individual boards, different configurations of the panels are possible. Also on view are related individual landscape/seascapes expressing northwest light.

Fascinated by nature, my art explores the magical world around me, of sea, sky, lutescent light through foliage, from the majestic tableaus of  vibrant sunsets to the microworld of tenacious lichen. My creative process dances between figurative imagery and abstract material processes that propel my forms into a world of the unexpected. 

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