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Jessica Dodge

Finding the Path Through the Woods

When creating new work, I often start with a narrative I find compelling, something that ignites enough curiosity to sends me down a path to find the best way to manifest that story - that idea - in a visual medium; I want to leave clues for the viewer like breadcrumbs through the forest, hoping they will find their own way in.

Employing (sometimes dark) humor, expressionistic line work and the gorgeous luminosity of oil paint on glass, I always hope to draw people in a bit closer to the story, whatever that might be, and encourage a dialog once they are there, 


Jessica Dodge spent her first thirteen years in the eastern half of the United States, moving with her family to Seattle in 1970. She got her fine art training at Cornish College of the Arts, and the School of Visual Concepts; studied printmaking at Sev Shoon, and letterpress at SVC. For over 30 years, she has exhibited her work widely in the Northwest, as well as New York City, Spain, Switzerland, and Germany.

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