CORE 2021 
Exhibiting compelling art created by local artists!
Gallery Hours: Wednesday - Saturday 12-6
no admittance without a mask
four visitors at a time
Exhibitions on view: February 3 - 27 , 2021
CORE gallery artists:
Florentia                         Carrie Grey

Nature is my theme because it is home to perfectly formed shapes, patterns, compelling proportional relationships, vibrant color, and endless variety. It adheres to the rules of geometry and yet, it has a deep emotional quotient for us. My goal in presenting nature is to distill it to the minimal while still conveying that emotional quality. I like to work In the space between including “too much vs. too little”.

New Work (installations sourced along the I-90 Trail)                             John Smither

New installations of video and painted panel featuring various locations from Seattle into the Cascades. 

John’s latest installations continue his efforts to create memory shrines of places and experiences utilizing videos and painted panels. This time he chose three locations all of which are a short distance from Seattle’s main east west highway which rises from Seattle and crosses Snoqualmie pass. Following along this trail he created shrines to Seward Park and its lowland forest, Boulder Loop Trail in the Cascade foothills and finally a collage of experiences from a couple of different trails which wind high into the cascades. All of these works rely heavily on stencil techniques which are inspired by woodcut prints that he also creates. A few of these are on display as well.  

Wednesday – Saturday

12:00 – 6:00 P.M.


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