CORE is open! 
Exhibiting compelling art created by local artists!
Gallery Hours: Wednesday - Saturday 12-6
no admittance without a mask
four visitors at a time
Exhibitions on view: November 4 - 28, 2020
CORE gallery artists, 2020:
Asymmetrical Symmetry   Denny Driver

Asymmetrical Symmetry: A Body of Acrylic Works that Explores Geometric abstractions of Shape, Pattern, and Color… with a twist! 

a spirit of inquiry                   Lezlie Jane

Painting gives me a remarkable, exhilarating amount of freedom. I am fascinated by the open-ended interpretation abstraction offers. It is a window to obscured images and thoughts. I paint to unveil a surprise, an a-ha moment or a long forgotten impression. Viewers are invited to consider what the art may reveal to them. Making art serves as a way to determine my place in the world and provide me with inspiration and satisfaction. Transformation, at the heart of my work and life, fuels my persistence as an artist.

Wednesday – Saturday

12:00 – 6:00 P.M.


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