CORE 2022 
Exhibiting compelling art created by local artists!

Gallery Hours: Wednesday - Saturday 12-6
to keep all of our patrons healthy, please wear a mask

Exhibitions on view: August 31- September 24, 2022
Pioneer Square Art Walk & Artist Reception: September 1st from 6-8pm

                                                                                                                                                        CORE gallery artists:

 soul re/purpose               Deirdre Wilcox


Using repurposed surfaces and mixed media, this work explores the soul's experience of being human and questions our true soul purpose. 


The black-based east wall acknowledges darkness as part of the human condition without granting permission to give up on cultivating our best selves. Always, there is color in the dark.


The reds and browns on the south wall recognize The Earth as an exquisite but weary host. All non-human life is waiting for the humans to understand the power of choice.


The figures on the west wall are the guides and helpers along the path, as diverse as life on earth, and as distinct. Some are in human form, some are not. Receiving

guidance requires listening. Humans are not skilled listeners. They stubbornly override the system's clanging bells at their own expense.


The human system comes equipped with all it needs to live from the place of Soul Self.  Open the built-in app called Intuition. Noodle around, become proficient. This navigational tool is meant to help humans live as Soul Jedeyes*.


Let us live as who we are: spiritual beings having a human experience.

*Souls who use the navigational tools to see clearly. Not to be confused with the better-known spelling, lest anyone in the film industry get unhappy with its use.

I’ve Been Out Walking     Mylen Tumaliuan-Huggins


natural & random

depth, layers, & textures

metaphors & revelations

being present