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CORE 2023 
Exhibiting compelling art created by local artists!

Gallery Hours:
Wednesday - Saturd
ay 12 - 6
and by appointment


Annual Community Show on View:

 Nov 29 - Dec 16, 2023

Pioneer Square Art Walk & Artist Receptions:

Nov 30th 4-6pm,  Dec 7th 6-8pm,  Dec 14th 4-6pm

Special programming during receptions!

With generous support from 4Culture, CORE gallery has weathered the challenges of the pandemic. Our door remains open and walls filled with innovative art created by local artists! Thank you 4Culture!

CORE Gallery Artists

Sunflower on Fire, Ukraine

– Decennial Retrospective

Sunflower on Fire 2023_edited.jpg

As part of our mission at CORE, during our Community Show we offer the gallery to highlight the important work being done in our greater community. Join us in celebrating this important work!

Featuring visual works by internationally renowned photographers, Sunflower on Fire, Ukraine is a

visceral, thought-provoking, cross-cultural immersion exhibit highlighting the humanity of a nation

defying war, defending independence and fundamental human rights, and demonstrating to the global community our higher potential through virtues of dignity, care, bravery, unity, endurance and resilience.



• Maks Levin (posthumously)

• Dmytro Kozatsky

• Mykhaylo Palinchak

• Oleksandr Ratushnyak

• Anastasia Vlasova

• Yan Dobronosov

• Maxim Dondyuk

• Ivan Bogdan

• Oleksandr Piliugin

• Serhiy Hudak

• Oleksandr Khomenko

• Valentyn Kuzan

• Ivan Stetsenko

• Oleksandr Goncharov

• Igor Chekachkov

• Ingwar Dovgoteles

• Vasyl Salyga

• Petro Chekal

• Vyacheslav Onyshchenko

Sunflower on Fire, Ukraine is an ongoing, decade-long, research-based, documentary, multimedia

project spearheaded by O – Ukrainian, US-based, socially engaged artist, curator, producer and

educator – in collaboration with TYPONEXUS international, multidisciplinary collective she founded

and leads under the motto “Think Global, Act Local.”

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