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CORE 2024 
Exhibiting compelling art created by local artists!
Gallery Hours:
Wednesday - Saturd
ay 12 - 6
and by appointment

Solo Exhibitions

through February 27, 2024

Pioneer Square Art Walk & Artist


 February 1st from 6-8pm

With generous support from 4Culture, CORE gallery has weathered the challenges of the pandemic. Our door remains open and walls filled with innovative art created by local artists! Thank you 4Culture!

CORE Gallery Artists


Urban tangerine dreamscape.JPG

Special Event: 

February 18th, 2-4pm

Meet the artist Lynne Conrad Marvet for an artist's talk and reception, followed by a question & answer session!

Lynne Conrad Marvet

Gobsmacked -- a feeling of being stopped in my tracks by the perceptual vividness of a fleeting moment.   


There is much to be said for sensory experience as a way to feel our personal interconnectedness in a vivid and unmediated way. – Ogyen Trinley Dorje, Interconnected: Embracing Life in Our Global Society  


When photographing, I am drawn to images that are impermanent, momentary, due to changing shadows, light and circumstances of the atmosphere and environment.  


With my abstract mixed media art, I allow my chosen materials (paper, photo fragments, string, recycled materials of all sorts, found objects) to inspire my compositions. I work intuitively, often over several days or weeks while I continue to “listen” to what the images are conveying to me. 


In Buddhist philosophy, there are no permanent, independently arisen objects. Everything we experience, especially our bodies, emotions, thoughts, and minds, are not real, lasting, or independent. All things are dependently arisen and interconnected. Ephemeral images attract me because they remind me that everything is transitory.  


As our senses open, our heart is moved. This direct experience evokes affection and closeness, and that leads naturally to wanting to nurture and protect our planet.               -- Ogyen Trinley Dorje 


I hope my art moves you. 



Paige Pettibon

HOMESICK stands as a bittersweet visual expression, capturing the poignant essence of missing one’s homeland, echoing the sentiments ingrained in Indigenous American experiences.

Through the canvas of storytelling, I weave threads of cultural heritage and identity, drawing upon the rich tapestry of traditions and wisdom passed down through generations. It is a delicate exploration of holding the memory of the land within, intertwining nostalgia and a bridge that connects the heartache of displacement with the resilience of ancestral roots, inviting viewers to share in the tender dance of memory, culture, and the eternal quest for belonging.

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