CORE 2021 
Exhibiting compelling art created by local artists!

Gallery Hours: Wednesday - Saturday 12-6
no admittance without a mask
four visitors at a time

Exhibitions on view: June 2 - 26, 2021

                                                                                                                                                        CORE gallery artists:
The Second Wake                           Claire L Putney  
Putney_Inventor's Wake #202_72x40_2021.jpg

The Inventor’s Wake is an ongoing series of studio and shop portraits, layering hand-drawn maps and site-specific imagery that document the creative process of artists and artisans working in industrial South Seattle.  

Each space is mapped from observation in a purely responsive way, without heed to measurements tools except to calibrate the GPS location. These maps document the spaces on a specific time, day, and year, never to look the same. A "knot" from each studio or shop is layered over the hand-drawn map, referencing the wave of tools materials each person uses in the creation of their work.



Gratitude to all the folks who have shared their work, spaces, and dialogue with me throughout this ongoing project. 

Paper Tigers           Cyn Lyon Moore

Mixed media collage.