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Shunpike is a 501(c)(3) non-profit art service organization whose mission is to strengthen the Seattle arts community by partnering with small and mid-size arts groups to develop the business tools they need to succeed. Working in close partnership with these groups, Shunpike helps solve problems quickly and impart vital skills in finance, organizational management and arts administration. 

March 4th - 28th, 2020    Opening Reception: March 5th, 6-9pm
Gallery Hours: Wednesday - Saturday  12-6pm
Cyn Lyon Moore
New oil paintings


oil painting

36" x 48"

There is a moment, when you spot an animal in the wild, when time seems to freeze.  For me, as with many people in this moment, I seek to get closer, to capture, to understand, to touch the mysterious creature in some way.  But what does the animal see in us?


In these paintings, I seek to convey an open-ended allegorical narrative in which the animal is in control of the story. Human civilization, and humankind’s domination over the world of fauna is hinted at in these pictures, but each beast is the star of their own show, challenging the viewer to a staring contest in which the animal is the presumptive winner from the get-go.


Borrowing equally from the world of mythology and my own lifelong fascination with the body language of animals, I use these pictures to tell a story, as well as an opportunity to freely use the bold colors of oil media.  My need to drip and create a controlled chaos with the malleability of oil paint satisfies my paint-slinging and texture loving spirit.

Sarah Fansler Lavin
New installation

Photo credit: Stephanie wood

Generational Resonance

Ceramic plate, steel ball, refrigerator cooling fins.

New installation by metal artist/sculptor Sarah Fansler Lavin in collaboration with Stephanie Wood, experimental sound artist/gong percussionist. 


This show is an immersive, participatory and tactile environment inviting gallery goers to experiment with creating, composing and listening to sound in a non-conventional way.

We explore shapes, textures and everyday objects with which sound can be produced manually, thereby gaining a deeper understanding of listening through non-conventional materials and means.